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The relationship between climate change and insurance is obvious; the solutions for the industry are not. 

As more and more homeowners experience climate-related impacts to their homes, what, if anything, can the insurance industry do to rise to the occasion?

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What role does insurance play in cultivating climate resilience among homeowners?

As climate change quietly reshapes the housing market, becoming an undeniable fact of homeownership, our latest report explores what insurance can do now to help current and future policyholders mitigate climate risks, increase their confidence in insurance, and weather the future effects of climate change.



Insights from a qualitative research study with homeowners who have been impacted by climate change

For this research, we spoke with individual homeowners from across the country who have been impacted by climate change to better understand their experiences, how they perceive risks related to climate change, and what role they expect insurance to play in protecting them.


How homeowners are finding new footing on shifting ground—with and without insurance

Every one of the homeowners we interviewed had been touched by climate change in some way. Our research revealed insights into how homeowners are responding to the impacts of climate change,  finding new footing on shifting ground, and what they want and expect from their insurance companies.



Opportunities for insurers to support homeowners through climate change

As the insurance waits for regulators and policymakers to catch up,  our interviews with homeowners uncovered five simple opportunities for what the insurance industry can do now to help owners weather the impacts of climate change and cultivate climate resilience.


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I always take the time to read Cake & Arrow's research – it’s very impressive and never fails to offer a unique perspective on the industry.

- Jessie, SVP, Global Insurance Carrier


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