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Redefining Benefits for a New Era of Work

With the pandemic fundamentally tranforming the way that people think about work, we spoke with employees about how their jobs changed amid the pandemic, what they want from their employers and their jobs in the future, and what benefits for a new era of work might look like.

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Work has evolved.
Benefits should too.

In the new era of work, employees are looking to establish a healthier relationship to their jobs and their employers. Our latest research explores what this relationship might look like and how employee benefits can help employees and their employers thrive in the new era of work. The report will discuss:


How employees' relationship to work is changing

We spoke with hundreds of employees about their jobs – what they like, what they don’t like, what they’d change, what makes them enjoyable — to develop a new perspective on what a more sustainable, more human way of working might look like.


A new model for understanding employee needs within the changing workplace

Based on what we heard from employees in our research, our Employee Hierarchy of Needs for a Human-Centered Workplace offers benefit providers a roadmap for understanding and addressing employee needs in the new era of work.


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Opportunities for benefit providers to meet new and emerging employee needs

Using insights from our research, we explore four opportunities for redefining benefits to meet employee expectations and needs in the new era of work.


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What people are saying
I always take the time to read Cake & Arrow's research – it’s very impressive and never fails to offer a unique perspective on the industry.

- Jessie, SVP, Global Insurance Carrier


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