Changing How Insurance Perceives the American Family

Cake & Arrow presents our latest report, Insurance and the Modern Family, a comprehensive review of the most significant shifts in today's family culture and their impact on the insurance industry.


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Shifting Cultural Values

Uncover five of the most significant shifts that have taken place within the American family over the past half century 


Family Challenges

Identify the unique challenges that today's family faces and how they can be supported in overcoming them


Insurance Implications

Learn how to reposition insurance as a tool that supports and provides better foundations for modern family life

The Values of the Modern American Family Have Dramatically Shifted 

In recent decades, not only has the definition of the family evolved, but the demographics of families and the roles that individuals play within the family unit have changed too.

Readers of this report will uncover how these shifts have lead to changing needs, risks, and expectations in terms of how families function and operate in the modern world, and their relevance to the insurance industry at large.

Download the Report