Learn how qualitative user research can create value for your business


Being a customer-centric business requires more than a one-time workshop or.company initiative. It's a commitment to a way of working and decision making, at the heart of which is user research. The first in our webinar series, Customer Centric by Design, this webinar, lead by Cake & Arrow Director of Strategy Kate Muth along with a panel of designers and researchers, focuses on qualitative user research and how it can be applied within a variety of business scenarios to create more value for customers, and by extension, businesses themselves. In it, we:
  • Discuss how to decide when and if you should do user research
  • Review different use cases for qualitative user research 
  • Provide an insider's look at what the qualitative research process looks like at Cake & Arrow and how we use it to derive valuable insights for our clients' businesses

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Lead by Kate Muth

Director of Strategy at Cake & Arrow