Learn how small business owners are grappling with the pandemic's new normal.

Small businesses have been among the hardest hit by the fallout from the pandemic. We spoke 1:1 with the owners of these businesses to better understand their experiences with Covid-19, the challenges they have faced since the pandemic hit, and how they are reconciling their way of doing business with the new reality created by the pandemic.

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A new framework

Take a look inside a new framework we developed for helping outside industries better understand the varied experiences, behaviors, and mindsets of small business owners in pandemic times. 


An new outlook

Using our new framework, understand how Covid-19 has changed the way small business owners relate to their businesses and think about the future.  


A new normal

Learn how the pandemic has permanently disrupted "business as usual" for small business owners and how it will shape these businesses going forward.

Understanding through archetypes

Using user-centered research methods to check in with small business owners, we identified four small business owner archetypes - The Professional, The Influencer, The Creative, and The Business Owner. Through these archetypes, we were able to gain a deep understanding of how small business owners have experienced and responded to Covid, and how they might be better supported.

After forcing them to pull the emergency break, the pandemic has lead many small business owners to reevaluate their businesses and priorities.

For the small business owners we spoke with, Covid represented a reckoning for them with their business - forcing them to take stock of what really matters, to reassess their values and priorities and revisit whether running their business is serving them. Within this context, the struggles of small business owners were  laid bare,  exposing opportunities for insurance and other outside industries to help these businesses carry on as the new normal takes shape. Download our report to learn more.

Download the Report