The Archery Club is a group of Cake & Arrow women who meet monthly to talk and strategize around the challenges we face as working women. We are devoted to exploring gender equality issues in the workplace, creating opportunities for growth and empowerment for women, and raising awareness about women's equality for all.


Want to move the needle on women’s equality? 

Follow these steps to start an Archery Club in your school, workplace, or community.


Identify a group of diverse women

Find women in your community who are passionate about women’s equality and invite them to join.


Find a time and place to meet

Meet regularly and frequently. We meet monthly in a conference room at our office, but you could meet in a public space or someone's home.


Conduct a survey

Survey the women in your group to find out more about the issues they care about. We created a shared Goodle Doc where women can continue to share ideas.


Pick a topic dear to your heart

As the organizer, we advise that you be the first to preseent on a topic. This will set the tone of the group and empower and embolden the other women.


Assign some homework

We try to ensure our presentations will be valuable to all of the women in the group. We often send out a survey to better understand feelings, opions and experiences around a topic, or share an article to get everyone on the same page.


Present your topic

Every presentation will look different, but we typically like to include a little bit of research around the topic at hand, some personal experience, maybe an activity, and plenty of time for discussion so women can share personal experiences.


Ask for volunteers to present

Giving all the women in your group an opportunity to research a topic and share their experiences is critical to balancing out the diversity of voices and giving every woman a chance to be heard.


Keep the conversation going

Start a Slack channel or a listserve to share articles, thoughts, ideas, and experiences in between meetings to keep the conversation going.


Open it up to a wider audience

Creating equality for women in the workplace requires the participation of everyone. Find opportunities to invite others to your meetings, or to share your presentations with a wider audience to help raise awareness about issues of women's equality.

Check out some of the topics we are talking about in our Archery Club


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  • Gender, Language, & Cultural Bias


Empowering the voices of women in the workplace

At Cake & Arrow, we are committed to person-centered business practices, a commitment which affects not only how we build products, but how we interact with our clients and with one another. Creating a diverse workplace where everyone feels their voices are heard and respected, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or any other demographic factor, is an important part of who we are and internally, we make efforts to create opportunities for the diversity of voices to be heard.

The Archery Club is a monthly club comprised of the women at Cake & Arrow. We are devoted to exploring gender equality issues in the workplace and creating opportunities for growth and empowerment for women in solidarity with Cake & Arrow’s commitment to diversity and equality. Our aim is to provide a safe space for women to talk about the kinds of challenges they face in the workplace and elsewhere, and to explore tactics for how we, as women can address these challenges, and create a more inclusive, equal, and diverse workplace for everyone.

It's great to work somewhere that talks the talk and walks the walk. At Archery Club, we not only take the time to discuss women's issues, but also strategize and conspire together about how to put that thought to action in the workplace and beyond.

Lisa McGee

Lisa McGee Cake & Arrow

The Archery Club brings together a group of incredible women in a safe space to share ideas, learn from each other, and empower each other all in an effort to make an impact. Every time I attend a meeting, I leave the room with an ever-growing sense of purpose and love for the community it has created within our company.

Jessica Lippke, Project Manager

Jessica Lippke Cake & Arrow

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