Learn how the insurance industry can deliver more value to Millennials.

Empowered by the internet, Millennials have opted for unprecedented levels of convenience. But as the insurance industry journeys toward convenience, is it headed in the right direction? Following the publication of our recent report, in this webinar, Coverager and Cake & Arrow team up to share insights from the report, exploring the landscape of modern insurance and offering a deep dive analysis of Millennials that challenges existing stereotypes and assumptions and helps the insurance industry innovate and transform the way they think about Millennials, beyond price and convenience. Attendees will learn:

  • where the funding is going, what trends are dominant, who the key players are, and what the industry is currently doing to respond to Millennials.;
  • how convenience and price are driving innovation in insurance and the economy at large, including where the opportunities and limitations exist for insurers;
  • deep customer insights from Cake & Arrow's Millennial research around how the industry can go beyond convenience to shift the paradigm to change the way Millennials think about insurance.

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"We believe that the future of insurance is about putting people over products and about improving the quality of life for customers, beyond just insuring them.."
- Josh Levine, Founder & CEO